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The Ocean City Ecumenical Council’s Outreach Program is available to qualified members of our community providing them with a holiday gift of a food certificate from a local supermarket during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Approximately 250 certificates are distributed each year. Applications for this program are available at the Social Services Office, 821 Central Avenue, Ocean City.

Additionally, low income seniors receive food certificates in April, August, November and December. Approximately 150 seniors receive these gifts annually.


Funds are provided through The Ocean City Ecumenical Council’s Outreach Program to help defer the cost of the annual community holiday dinners. Thanksgiving Dinner, held at St. John Lutheran Church, in Ocean City is offered at no charge as a gift to relieve physical and spiritual hunger and provide fellowship. This dinner feeds over 200 people. Christmas Day Dinner is held at St. Peter’s United Methodist Church. A free Christmas Dinner is served to over 900 people.

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